The People’s AI

The policy decisions we make have to encourage technology development that is in the best interest of humans. 

Human-centric AI governance requires the use of many policy tools to address the ethical concerns that AI presents. Developing and democratizing ethical and equitable AI requires a policy infrastructure that doesn’t exist yet in the US. We are working to build multidisciplinary and diverse AI policy councils at every level of government to ensure that AI benefits all people. The decisions we make now will shape the lives of everyone.

We need to fuel artificial intelligence to serve our citizens better. 

Gov AI is developing a policy blueprint for the ethical use of AI in the public sector that is centered around the citizen. Right now, we’re sponsoring a course at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and are leading a team on the research and the exploration of policy frameworks. When machines are making decisions where people’s lives are at stake, we have a social responsibility to get this right.